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Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines

Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines plugin support.



Embeds a code minimap similar to the one found in Sublime into the editor pane. Works with both light and dark themes using your customized colors for syntax highlighting.


EasyCode 是基于 IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 版开发的一个代码生成插件,主要通过自定义模板(基于 velocity)来生成各种你想要的代码。通常用于生成 Entity、Dao、Service、Controller。如果你动手能力强还可以用于生成 HTML、JS、PHP 等代码。理论上来说只要是与数据有关的代码都是可以生成的。



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一键调用一个对象的所有的 set 方法

generate call to class all setter method by alt+enter on the variable class

generate a converter two object when they have same field

generate default value when returnType is List Set Map

generate call to assertThat on all getter method

like a user class has setName, setPassword methods

User user = new User();

then alt+enter on User

will generate following



support all your class set method including super class

support kotlin

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Git Commit Template

Create a commit message with the following template:



Allows working with 码云 - Gitee There are some features just like the GitHub plugin.


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.ignore is a plugin for *.gitignore (Git), .hgignore (Mercurial), .npmignore (NPM), .dockerignore (Docker), .chefignore (Chef), .cvsignore (CVS), .bzrignore (Bazaar), .boringignore (Darcs), .mtn-ignore (Monotone), ignore-glob (Fossil), .jshintignore (JSHint), .tfignore (Team Foundation), .p4ignore (Perforce), .prettierignore (Prettier), .flooignore (Floobits), .eslintignore (ESLint), .cfignore (Cloud Foundry), .jpmignore (Jetpack), .stylelintignore (StyleLint), .stylintignore (Stylint), .swagger-codegen-ignore (Swagger Codegen), .helmignore (Kubernetes Helm), .upignore (Up), .prettierignore (Prettier), .ebignore (ElasticBeanstalk), .gcloudignore (Google Cloud) *files in your project.


  • Files syntax highlight
  • Coloring ignored files in the Project View

Key Promoter X

A plugin to learn the IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts.
The Key Promoter X helps you to learn essential shortcuts while you are working. When you use the mouse on a button inside the IDE, the Key Promoter X shows you the keyboard shortcut that you should have used instead. This provides an easy way to learn how to replace tedious mouse work with keyboard keys and helps to transition to a faster, mouse free development. Currently, it supports toolbar buttons, menu buttons, tool windows and the actions therein.

The Key Promoter X tool window shows you a hit-list of the mouse actions you use the most and directly provides you with the shortcut you can use instead. For buttons that don’t have a shortcut, the Key Promoter X prompts you with the possibility to directly create one.

Dmitry Kashin had the original idea for a “Key Promoters” but used custom UI elements which often clashed with the IntelliJ IDEA UI. Key Promoter X is a completely rewritten version of the original idea and removes the custom pop-up window with IntelliJ internal message balloons. It, therefore, integrates much better into the IDE, fixes glitches and provides a more non-disruptive way of learning shortcut bindings.

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支持 lombok 的各种注解,从此不用写 getter setter 这些 可以把注解还原为原本的 java 代码 非常方便。

Maven Helper

A must have plugin for working with Maven.


  • easy way for analyzing and excluding conflicting dependencies

  • actions to run/debug maven goals for a module that contains the current file or on the root module

  • action to open terminal at the current maven module path

  • actions to run/debug the current test file.
    If maven-surefire-plugin is configured to skip or exclude the test, ‘verify’ goal will be used, see different configuration styles at

  • Right click in Editor | Run Maven

  • Right click in Project View Toolbar | (Run|Debug) Maven

  • CTRL + ALT + R - “Run Maven Goal” popup (you can use Delete key in the popup)

  • CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + R - “Run Maven Goal on Root Module” popup (you can use Delete key in the popup)

  • Customize goals: Settings | Other Settings | Maven Helper

  • Define shortcuts: Settings | Keymap | Plug-ins | Maven Helper

  • Open pom file, click on ‘Dependency Analyzer’ tab, right click in the tree for context actions.


Material Theme UI

Material Design Experience for JetBrains IDEs


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qq 群:542735979(插件 bug 修复 最新版本及问题讨论)




  • Generate mybatis crud code by Intellij database table or add a database connection

  • Generate mybatis sql based on mybatis interface method name like spring data jpa, with this, you don’t have to write most sql for non join query support generate statement with if test

  • Database generate crud could generate multiple times when you add or delete columns, plugin will auto merge code

  • Full mybatis sql auto complete, recognize mybatis tag in xml, like where trim set include ect, provide sql completion after those tag

  • Jump from mybatis dao interface to mapper xml each other

  • Refactor for mybatis interface method name, refid, resultMap ect

  • Auto complete for mybatis param, if test, foreach, resultMap, refid in sql

  • Generate create table sql from java class

  • Mybatis Param refactor and inspection

  • Ognl support, if test when test ${ bind foreach collection, refactor and inspection and auto completion

  • Jump from refid resultMap to their definition, refactor their name as well

  • Generate page query by mapper interface method

  • Spring support for mybatis, inject mybatis mapper to spring bean, support SpringBoot

  • Refid, resultMap, keyProperty, property auto complete

  • Resultmap column complete and inspection based on your select column

  • Auto map resultMap column and property

  • Generate mybatis mapper testcase from mybatis interface method by database connection, make you test mapper method quicker

  • Full inspection for mybatis, like unused sql in xml, mapper method not have sql in xml, check if resultMap property is right ect

  • Support MySQL+Oracle+Sqlite+postgresql+sqlserver

  • to learn more.

How to use

  • alt+insert (generate mybatis files) on domain class to update mybatis files when domain class add field (ctrl+N on mac)
  • alt+enter on dao interface method to generate mybatis mapper sql
  • alt+insert (generate mybatis files) on domain class to generate mybatis files (ctrl+N on mac)
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  • qqGroup:542735979


  • 通过方法名(不需要方法的返回值和参数 会自动推导出来)来生成 sql 可以生成大部分单表操作的 sql 只需要一个方法的名字即可 会自动补全好方法的参数和返回值 和 springdatajpa 的语句基本一致
  • sql 全自动提示,sql 正确性检测,插件会识别 mybatis 的一系列标签 如 include trim set where,在这些标签之后的 sql 可以自动提示数据库的字段,检测 sql 的正确性,从此不用担心 sql 写错
  • 直接从 Intellij 自带的数据库或者配置一个数据库生成 crud 代码 自动检测好 useGeneratedkey 自动配置好模块的文件夹 只用添加包名就可以生成代码了
  • 从 java 类生成 mybatis crud 代码 建表语句 支持生成 service,建表支持生成多字段的索引
  • 数据库添加字段后可以继续生成,不会修改之前已经在接口或 xml 添加的自定义的方法 无需再去进行手动的添加
  • mybatis 接口和 xml 的互相跳转 支持一个 mybatis 接口对应多个 xml
  • mybatis 接口中的方法名重构支持
  • xml 中的 param 的自动提示 if test 的自动提示 resultMap refid 等的自动提示
  • resultMap 中的 property 的自动提示
  • xml 中 refid,resultMap 等的跳转到定义
  • 检测没有使用的 xml 可一键删除
  • 检测 mybatis 接口中方法是否有实现,没有则报红 可创建一个空的 xml
  • 检测 resultmap 的 property 是否有误
  • param 检测 检测#{ 中的内容是否有误
  • ognl 支持 if test when test foreach bind 中的自动补全,跳转和检测
  • mybatis 接口中一键添加 param 注解
  • mybatis 接口一键生成 xml
  • 支持 spring 将 mapper 注入到 spring 中 intellij 的 spring 注入不再报错 支持 springboot
  • 一键生成 mybatis 接口的 testcase 无需启动 spring,复杂 sql 可进行快速测试
  • 一键生成两张表关联的 join
  • 一键从 sql 语句中 导出 resultMap

Nyan Progress Bar

Pretty progress bars with nyan cat for IJ based IDEs.

Rainbow Brackets

彩虹颜色的括号 看着很舒服 敲代码效率变高。

Supported languages:

Java, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, Python, Haskell, Agda, Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, Erlang, Go, Groovy, Ruby, Elixir, ObjectiveC, PHP, HTML, XML, SQL, Apex language, C#, Dart …

Author’s choice:Rainbow Brackets + Material Theme UI(Oceanic theme) + Nyan Progress Bar + Fira Code(Font)

String Manipulation

Provides actions for text manipulation:

  • Switch case (camelCase, kebab-lowercase, KEBAB-UPPERCASE, snake_case, SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE,, words lowercase, First word capitalized, Words Capitalized, PascalCase)
  • Toggle: SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE / camelCase
  • Toggle: snake_case / camelCase
  • Toggle: kebab-case / snake_case
  • Toggle: kebab-case / camelCase
  • Toggle: / camelCase
  • Toggle: PascalCase / camelCase
  • Toggle: lowercase words / camelCase
  • Toggle: First word capitalized / camelCase
  • Toggle: Capitalized Words / camelCase


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A translation plugin.


  • Multiple translation engines.
  • Google translate.
  • Youdao translate.
  • Baidu translate.
  • Multiple languages inter-translation.
  • Text to speech.
  • Automatic word selection.
  • Automatic word division.


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基于 Electron 的 ssh 终端 Electerm 基于 Electron 的 ssh 终端 Electerm
Electerm 是一款功能强大的,terminal/ssh/sftp 客户端(类似于 xshell),支持多平台(linux,mac,win)。
云服务器上搭建 Typecho 博客 云服务器上搭建 Typecho 博客
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